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Did you know we rely totally on our residents purchasing their yearly memberships to keep the doors open? We are not funded by the county, state or federal government.. We receive no tax money, hence we are an association, not a fire district. Memberships enable us to continue to provide fire and medical services to the residents we serve in a 200 square mile area. Some of the things we use membership monies for include over $7,000 per year to insure our buildings, apparatus, board and firefighters. We have three firehouses and eight pieces of apparatus including two engines, two tankers, three brush trucks and a rescue vehicle. Of course in addition to having to fuel apparatus to operate them, maintenance costs are high. Without your membership monies, we could not continue to offer fire and medical services to our community.

Per Missouri law, RSMO320.302, 320.305 and 320.307, Volunteer Fire Protection Associations may bill non-members for services and have legal recourse if non-member fee for services are not paid. This means in addition to receiving a bill, if the bill goes unpaid, a fire protection association can take legal actions to recover their money from a non-member. It is very expensive to respond to calls. Fire Protection Associations rely on memberships to pay insurance, maintain apparatus, purchase fuel, and maintain firehouses.Buying an annual membership protects you from receiving a bill, and also gives you a voice in Association matters such as voting at annual meetings. $40.00 per year is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

There has been confusion over what fire department association area residents need to join. Several years ago, Missouri enacted a law that required all fire departments to file their legal boundary lines with the county administrative body. (RSMO 320.310) The map on our interactive map page shows the legal fire protection area boundaries on file with Douglas County Missouri. These maps have been taken right from the Douglas County Assessor’s Office, and are the legal boundaries. Residents can click on the map to zoom right in on their home, and get the information on what association they need to join and the contact information for that association. In order NOT to receive a bill for services, you must belong to the fire department association in which you reside. Fire departments are not required to honor another department’s membership.

Eastern Douglas’s monthly business meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month at 7:00 at station 1 on State Highway 95, acrosss from CC highway. Come on by and see what is happening in your community. Do you have questions about membership? Contact Board Secretary Nikki Hammett at 417-259-0953.

Want to join the association? Download the application below and mail in your dues. You can buy multiple years if you so desire, just notate it on your application.


Membership Application 11.60 KB

2018 edcvfd membership application


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